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2 Pack Holiday Gift Set

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A 2-Pack Holiday Gift Set awaits with one 9oz Tumalo Cider Soy Candle and one 9oz Peppermint Cocoa Candle. Comes in a 4 Piece Case Pack.

Tumalo Cider: Apple | Spice | Orange Peel

It doesn’t get much more fall than this! Tumalo Cider embodies all those fall feels. This scent adds a kick of spice to the classic apple cider we all know and love. This great fall scent boasts warm notes of apple, spice, and orange peel. Embrace the cozy season with this fruity masterpiece!

Peppermint Cocoa: Coconut Milk | Vanilla

Can’t get enough of the holiday sweets in your life? Peppermint Cocoa is the perfect addition to the holiday festivities and is ready to invite you inside and out of the cold. A chocolatey blend of Coconut Milk and Vanilla makes up this memorable holiday scent.

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